Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Urban Craft... Uprisen!

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Thank you to everyone who came out to Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle this past weekend! The whole weekend was - seriously - a lot of fun, and both Saturday and Sunday were a screeeeaming success. A spit in the face of the gloomy economy.

I shared a booth space with my sister Amy of Adorn Jewelry, and this year was our third UCU. This year? By far, the best. The best vendors, the best energy, the biggest crowds, the most fun, and with the most friendly of fans. We've been told Saturday's attendance to the event was over 4,000, and Sunday's was over 3,000. WOW.

Perhaps it's a silver lining of the recession ... a shift in shopper's attitudes towards buying locally, supporting independent designers, and buying more meaningful gifts this holiday season. No matter your mindset or reason for your support, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So this week, Amy and I are back to being whirling dervishes, gearing up for our next big holiday show, the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Show in Portland. It's this Sunday, December 14th from 11am to 7 pm at the Oregon Convention Center. Hope to see you there!